PubMed Fetcher

This tools allows you to check a list of genes against the pubmed abstracts in combination with one or multiple extra terms. You can for example specify pathway names or phenotypic characteristics. Results are presented as the number of hits and the option to browse the abstracts.

Specify a filename containing genes to process, or a genomic region. The file should contain one RefSeq Symbol per line. Next, specify the extra terms to combine with the gene name when querying pubmed. No quotation marks should be used. Multiple Fields are Combined by 'OR' statements. If you want to combine multiple items by 'AND', specify them in a single field like for example: Hoarse Voice AND cleft palate.

Genelist File:

Genomic Region: (one per line, UCSC-style and cytoBand are allowed)

Query Terms:

1) (add item)


: Restrict results to known gene->publication links (from gene2pubmed table)
: Match all abstracts based on Gene Symbols :

: Use Gene Symbol Synonyms
: Include CytoBand names as 'Genes' in the query if region-based query is chosen
: Exclude Common Words from gene names/gene synonyms (active !)